Frequently Asked Questions

Viewing Your News-Blazer Results

Last Updated: July 19, 2007 12:53 PM

Once you set up your News-Blazer account, you can review your News-Blazer reports and study individual incidents.

Your News-Blazer report lists all your News-Blazer incidents, including details and status in one, central location.

To Open Your News-Blazer Report

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. From the My Products menu, click News-Blazer Accounts.
  3. Click the Launch hyperlink that is next to the account you want to review.
    The Activity Overview displays. It is a summary of your latest News-Blazer activity.
  4. Click the Home button.
    This is your News-Blazer report.
  5. Click an incident number to view details about a Web site listed in the report.
  6. By default, incidents are listed by rank. The higher the rank, the higher the supposed severity of the infringement(s). Click a column header to change the sorting order of the listed incidents.