Frequently Asked Questions

Setting Up News-Blazer

Last Updated: September 14, 2006 11:07 AM

Note: News-Blazer is no longer available for purchase. However, if you have existing credits you may use those credits at any time.

You can set up and configure your News-Blazer account using the News-Blazer Account Management page.

To Set Up a News-Blazer Account

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. From the Other Stuff menu, click News-Blazer Accounts.
  3. Click the Set up New Account hyperlink.
  4. From the Set up News-Blazer panel, select the News-Blazer account you want to set up.
  5. Click Activate Account.
    The Welcome to News-Blazer page displays.
  6. Click Set Up Account.
    The News-Blazer End User License Agreement displays.
  7. Click Accept.
  8. On the Define Brand Keywords and Contact Information page, complete the fields by specifying the key words you want to monitor and entering your company and personal information.
  9. Click Confirm.
  10. Review your information, and then click Save.
  11. News-Blazer scans the Internet for sites that match your criteria. It sends you an email message once it has completed searching. Follow the instructions in your email message to log in to News-Blazer and review your results.