Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I try to send more emails than my plan allows?

Last Updated: August 14, 2007 9:35 AM

Express Email Marketing provides you an estimate of the total number of mailings that will be generated by each campaign you create. Based on this estimate, you can upgrade your plan before scheduling the campaign for delivery.

If you have identified more recipients than is supported by your plan, Express Email Marketing will give you the opportunity to upgrade your plan before sending the campaign. No matter what, Express Email Marketing will send the campaign to as many subscribers as is permitted by your plan. Subscribers over your plan quota will not receive the campaign.

Optionally, you may choose to add an Additional Email Pack to your Express Email Marketing account. Email packs are available in increments of 25,000 and must be associated with one Express Email Marketing account. There is a one-time charge for an Email pack and the additional emails do not expire as long as your Express Email Marketing account is current.

Log in to your Account Manager to add more emails to your Express Email Marketing account.