Frequently Asked Questions

Will re-submitting my Web page improve my chances of having the page indexed?

Last Updated: March 20, 2006 11:47 AM

No. Generally, submitting a page once ensures that the page is being reviewed and potentially listed by the targeted search engine or directory. Re-submission does not improve the odds of gaining a listing. On the contrary, some search engines consider repeated submission spamming and might instead decide to ignore the submitted page altogether. Only if a submitted page was rejected should re-submission be considered an option. If the rejection was caused by a specific problem with the submitted page, fixing the problem and re-submitting the page might help secure a listing.

Note that once a Web page has been added to a search engine index, the search engine's spider revisits the page at predetermined intervals. This means that any changes to the page code or content are detected and incorporated into the ranking calculations upon the spider's next visit.