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Should I submit multiple URLs/pages from my Web site?

Last Updated: March 20, 2006 10:44 AM

That depends on the nature of your site. — But, if carried out wisely, submitting multiple Web site pages individually can prove a winning strategy. Search engines' spiders will visit all content on a visited Web site (if the pages are connected with functional hyperlinks) and consider each of the pages for indexation. However, direct submission of multiple pages from the same site in some cases might speed up the search engines' content-review process.

In general, if individual pages on your Web site offer unique content (and unique, search engine–optimized copy and Meta and Title tag data) you may consider submitting those pages separately as a means of ensuring that search engines will consider each of the pages for individual indexation thus helping increase your Web site's visibility on the Internet. When using this method, it is imperative to create actual content for each of the pages. Do not attempt to submit doorway pages. Most search engines consider doorway-page usage spamming and act accordingly.