Frequently Asked Questions

Why are all of the selected shipping options not displayed to my customers when they make a purchase on my storefront?

Last Updated: April 27, 2007 10:53 AM

Just because you enable all of the possible shipping types on the Shipping Config page, doesn't necessarily mean that all of those shipping methods will be available for a particular shipment.

Quick Shopping Cart sends a Rate Request to your shipping providers containing all of the supplied information, and they send back a list of shipping types available (complete with rates) for that particular shipment.

For example, you may have selected UPS Next Day Air in the Quick Shopping Cart Admin Console, however UPS may not respond with shipping information for UPS Next Day Air. This would be because UPS Next Day Air is not available for that particular shipment (taking into account the zip code for the delivery, the weight of the package, the size of the package, etc).

If a customer enters "00000" as the zip code, all enabled shipping methods display because this is an error condition for an invalid zip code.