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What fields are required for Import Products spreadsheet?

Last Updated: April 26, 2007 4:02 PM

Using the provided Excel spreadsheet template, you can add, modify, and delete your product catalog from your site. You cannot use another Excel spreadsheet or file format to upload products. The required fields are:

  • Action
  • Part Number (SKU)
  • Title
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • List Price

To Import Products Using an Excel Spreadsheet Template

  1. In Quick Shopping Cart, from the Catalog menu, click Import/Export Products.
  2. Click the Download Templates button, and then specify where you want to download the file to.

    NOTE: If you want to modify category information in Quick Shopping Cart, you should modify it after you finish importing your data.

  3. Open the Excel spreadsheet you downloaded.
  4. From the Action list, select whether you want to Add, Modify, or Delete a product.

    CAUTION: You cannot add products that already exist, and you cannot modify or delete a product that does not exist.

  5. In the Part Number column, specify the product's part number, which must be unique across all projects.
  6. From the Manufacturer Name list, select the name of the product's manufacturer. The listed manufacturers are the ones you set up in your catalog.
  7. In the Title field, specify the product's title.
  8. In the Short Description and Long Description fields, enter both a short and long description for the product.
  9. From the Category list, select the category you want to associate with the product. The listed categories are the ones you set up in your catalog.

    NOTE: When modifying a product, you cannot change the Category associated with it.

  10. In the Cost field, enter the amount the product cost you to purchase.
  11. In the List Price field, specify the amount you are charging for the product.
  12. From the Shipping list, specify whether or not you charge shipping for the product.
  13. In the Weight field, enter the product's weight, if any.
  14. In the Length field, enter the product's length, if any.
  15. In the Width field, specify the product's width, if any.
  16. In the Height field, specify the product's height, if any.
  17. From the Featured list, specify whether or not you want to feature this product on your category pages.
  18. From the Discontinued list, specify whether or not the product has been discontinued. If you discontinue a product, it no longer displays on your storefront.
  19. From the Inventoried list, specify whether or not you are tracking the inventory for this product.
  20. From the Allow Backorder list, specify whether or not you allow customers to backorder this product when the inventory runs out.
  21. If you selected to track your inventory for this product, in the Inventory Quantity field, specify the current number of items you have in stock.
  22. If you selected to track your inventory for this product, in the Inventory Threshold field, specify the threshold at which you want to receive an email notification telling you the inventory is low.
  23. From the Ships In Own Package list, specify whether or not the product ships in its own package.
  24. Click Save.
  25. In the Quick Shopping Cart window, click Browse to locate and open the file.
  26. Click the Upload Products button.

When you publish your site, the storefront catalog will reflect your changes.