Frequently Asked Questions

What is Light Web-Based Email?

Last Updated: July 6, 2007 3:14 PM

Light Web-Based Email is the light version of the Web-Based Email client that can be used with low-bandwidth connections, such as dialup, to make accessing and working with email faster. Light Web-Based Email has most of the same functionality as Web-Based Email. However, in order to provide faster functionality, Light Web-Based Email does not support the following features:

Managing Email

  • Show calendar events at top of page
  • Preview Pane
  • Drag and Drop file management
  • Right-click actions
  • Remote mail retrieval
  • Message highlighting
  • New mail notification

Composing Email

  • Address book auto-complete
  • Attachments from Online File Folder
  • Scheduled mail delivery
  • Right-click spell check
  • Automatic draft save
  • Unsaved draft protection

Light Web-Based Email also has limited search features.