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Why Should I Not Use FTP to Upload My Web Site if I am Using FrontPage?

Last Updated: February 16, 2007 8:59 PM

If you are using FrontPage to build your Web site and you upload or delete content using FTP, you are bypassing the management that FrontPage performs for your Web site. This can potentially break your site.

FrontPage manages the special permissions on your directory. These permissions must be added to the directories in your account. Write permissions, if necessary, are also handled by FrontPage. If you upload using FTP, these permissions may not be applied correctly.

There are also several hidden, internal directories in a FrontPage site, which contain meta data, that describe how the site is constructed. Some pages within the site rely on this meta data to render the pages correctly. When you upload the data using FTP, this meta data doesn't get updated and your site will no longer work properly.