Frequently Asked Questions

What new functionality does Hosting Configuration 2.0 provide?

Last Updated: February 19, 2007 8:45 AM

Upgrading to the Hosting Configuration 2.0 results in the following benefits:

  • Support for PHP 5
    With PHP 5 support, you can program using the latest version of this server-side scripting language and take advantage of existing applications and add ons written in PHP 5. You can also run both PHP 4 and PHP 5 simultaneously on the same site.
  • Support for Python 2.4
    The latest version of Python -- 2.4 -- is supported.
  • Support for Ruby and Ruby on Rails
    The scripting language Ruby is now supported, along with its application framework, Ruby on Rails. The new hosting configuration also incorporates FastCGI to maximize Ruby on Rails performance.
  • Scripting Flexibility
    CGI, Perl, or Python scripts no longer have to be uploaded to and run from the cgi directory. The new hosting configuration allows any file with a .cgi, .py, or .pl extension to be run from any folder within your Web site.
  • Custom PHP 4 and PHP 5 initialization files You can now customize your site by creating PHP initialization files in the root of your site to manage form, server, and environmental variables, server-side cookies, temporary directories, error display, and error logging.
  • Administration
    The new hosting configuration has a dedicated administration interface from which you can manage and maintain cgi apps, library versions, Perl, and Ruby on Rails.